2021 Tractor Ride Routes

Monday, June 14th Route

Monday, June 14th - Routes subject to change based on approval by local law enforcement

68 miles

Warren County Fairgrounds to Martensdale-St. Mary’s HS Parking Lot(9.17 mi)

Head west on IA-92 W/W 2nd Ave toward S M St Continue to follow IA-92 W

8.67 mi

Turn right onto IA-28 N

0.385 mi

Turn left onto Burlington Ave

604 ft

MTSM HS to I-35 Truro HS(15.1 mi)

Head west on Burlington Ave toward Center St

0.281 mi

Turn left onto West St

364 ft

Turn right onto Inwood St/Iowa Ave Continue to follow Inwood St

0.348 mi

Turn left onto 30th Ave/East St

0.332 mi

Turn right onto IA-92 W

2.88 mi

Turn left onto Bevington Park Rd

4.44 mi

Continue onto N Morgan St

1.07 mi

Continue onto Truro Rd

0.967 mi

Continue onto Morgan St

1.45 mi

Continue onto Truro Rd

2.99 mi

Continue onto E North St

0.255 mi

Turn right

279 ft

I-35 Truro HS to TALK SHOP LOUNGE (St. Charles) (27.3 mi)

Head west toward E North St

279 ft

Turn right onto E North St

0.495 mi

Continue onto Peru Rd

4.43 mi

Continue onto Emerson St

1.42 mi

Continue onto Peru Rd

4.16 mi

Turn right onto Clark Tower Rd

4.79 mi

Turn right onto St Charles Rd

0.817 mi

Turn right

26 ft

Turn right onto Co Rd G50/St Charles Rd Continue to follow Co Rd G50

11.0 mi

TALK SHOP LOUNGE (St. Charles) back to Warren County Fairgrounds (16.69 mi)

Head northeast on Co Rd G50/State Hwy 251 toward 10th Ave/SW 97th St/Warren Ave

3.10 mi

Continue onto Co Rd G50

0.663 mi

Turn left onto 40th Ave

0.510 mi

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Iowa St

338 ft

Turn right onto St Johns St

318 ft

Head north on St Johns St toward St James St

26 ft

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto St James St

338 ft

Turn left onto 40th Ave/School St Continue to follow 40th Ave

3.98 mi

Turn right onto IA-92 E

8.24 mi

Tuesday, June 15th Route

Tuesday, June 15th - Routes subject to change based on approval by local law enforcement

77 miles

Warren County Fairgrounds to Runnells Elementary(26.76 mi)

Head east on IA-92 E/W 2nd Ave toward S K St Continue to follow IA-92

7.45 mi

Turn left onto State Hwy 23

4.35 mi

Turn right onto G24 Hwy

16 ft

Head northeast on G24 Hwy toward State Hwy 23

1.63 mi

Turn left onto 210th Ave

1.02 mi

Continue onto S Vine St

0.645 mi

Head north on N Vine St toward E Main St

0.421 mi

Turn right onto IA-5 S

4.44 mi

Turn right onto Erbe St

33 ft

Head northeast on Erbe St toward IA-5 S

33 ft

Continue onto IA-316 N

6.09 mi

Turn right onto Brown St

0.490 mi

Continue onto SE 116th St

1,073 ft

Turn right

125 ft

Runnells Elementary to Lake Red Rock – Cordova Park Pavilion(20.67 mi)

Head north toward SE 116th St

125 ft

Turn right onto SE 116th St

299 ft

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto SE 64th Ave

1.51 mi

Continue onto Hwy F70 W

11.3 mi

Continue onto W Washington St

1,276 ft

Turn right onto Jasper St

699 ft

Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto W American St

463 ft

Head east on W American St toward N Commerce St

561 ft

Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto IA-14 S/Monroe St Continue to follow IA-14 S

5.82 mi

Turn left onto Hwy G 28

0.994 mi

Turn right

892 ft

Continue straight

0.278 mi

Lake Red Rock, Cordova Park Pavilion to Pleasantville HS (13.2 mi)

Head east toward Hwy G 28

0.447 mi

Turn left onto Hwy G 28

0.994 mi

Turn left onto IA-14 S

2.53 mi

Turn right onto Hwy G 40

8.50 mi

Turn right onto S Hobson St

0.322 mi

Turn left onto N Breckenridge St

33 ft

Turn right onto E Broadway St

0.274 mi

Turn left onto N State St

115 ft

Turn right onto Jones St Destination will be on the left

768 ft

Pleasantville HS to Warren County Fair(16.8 mi)

Head west on Jones St toward N West St

476 ft

Turn left onto N Sunset Dr

1,037 ft

Turn right onto Hwy G 40/W Jasper St Continue to follow Hwy G 40

1.85 mi

Turn right onto IA-92 W

14.6 mi

Wednesday, June 16th Route

Wednesday, June 16th - Routes subject to change based on approval by local law enforcement

48 miles

Warren County Fairgrounds to Lake Ahquabi State Park(38.89 mi)

Head east on IA-92 E/W 2nd Ave toward S K St Continue to follow IA-92 EPass

4.59 mi

Turn right onto 165th Ave

0.551 mi

Continue onto NE 12th Ave

305 ft

Continue onto 168th Ave

0.312 mi

Turn left onto Kennedy St

1.20 mi

Continue onto 180th Ave/S 23 Hwy Continue to follow S 23 Hwy

2.79 mi

Turn right onto 190th Ave

1.97 mi

Head south on 190th Ave/4th St toward Belmont StContinue to follow 190th Ave

3.03 mi

Turn left onto S 23 Hwy

6.36 mi

Turn right onto Hwy G 76/W Main St

16 ft

Head west on Hwy G 76/W Main St toward N Myers Ave Continue to follow Hwy G 76

6.15 mi

Turn right onto US-65 N

7.02 mi

Turn left to stay on US-65 N

3.29 mi

Continue straight onto State Hwy 349

1.46 mi

Continue straight Destination will be on the left

308 ft

Lake Ahquabi State Park to Warren County Fairgrounds(8.68 mi)

Head southwest toward 118th Ave

0.506 mi

Turn left onto 118th Ave

1.40 mi

Turn left onto Nevada St

1.77 mi

Turn right onto Co Rd R63

3.55 mi

Turn right onto IA-92 E

1.46 mi

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