Work for NASA and Discover New Planet From Your Couch


NASA is on the hunt for the mysterious 9th planet in our solar system, the undiscovered 'Planet X.' Astronomers believe the Planet X is real because of random orbits of other distant objects that spin beyond Neptune. They think they might have evidence that it exists, it would be in the footage from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission a few years ago. However, they can't get through it all and need your help. Yes, YOU!

"There are too many images for us to search through by ourselves." -NASA

There is now a website Backyard Worlds: Number 9, that let's anyone go through the footage. NASA says human eyes are better for this project because they can easily recognize moving objects while ignoring things like stars, which computers would struggle with. If you make the big discovery, your name will go down in history along with professional astronomers. 


This "has the potential to unlock once-in-a-century discoveries, and it's exciting to think they could be spotted first by a citizen scientist." - Aaron Meisner, University of California, Berkeley

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