(Jason McIntire and Roy Flowers receive Governor's Lifesaving award at Iowa State Fair)

The Governor's Lifesaving Awards were given today (Thursday) during a ceremony at the Iowa State Fair.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Roxanne Ryan shared the stories of numerous brave and heroic actions.

Two sisters from Tipton, Iowa were honored for their actions June 21st, 2016.   Twelve year old Mason Lilenthal and her 10 year old sister Morgan took swift action, when their mother had a seizure while she was driving.  The girls worked together to steer the vehicle, driving in circles and slowing it to a stop.  Morgan jumped out to call for help, Mitchell Stumbo of Tipton came to help, and told Mason how to stop the vehicle, so the girls' mother could get medical care.

Jeffrey Hawes of Waukon was honored for his part in the rescue of Les Kuene who fell through the ice, in February of 2016.  Hawes loaned his Hovercraft to the New Albin Fire Department, and helped rescue Kuene from the frigid waters.  Kuene was up to his chin in the water, and had been in the water for nearly a half hour.  He was pulled to safety and made a full recovery.

Julie LaRue of Ankeny was also honored, for giving lifesaving CPR to bicyclist Monte Engh who suffered a cardiac event at Saylorville Lake, May 9th, 2017.

Shawn Gibson of Colfax was honored.    Janice Bragg was walking her two dogs August 6, 2016, when she passed a house with four dogs, all six animals started fighting.   Gibson intervened and was able to free Janice, who suffered serious bites,  and secure her in his vehicle until emergency crews arrived.

Three men, who had been golfing in Arnolds Park May 18, 2016 noticed Thomas Madigan had become ill, suffering a heart attack.  David Abrahamson of Shakopee, Minnesota, and Randy Krile and Jason Brown, both of Spencer performed CPR, before police arrived with an AED.  Paramedics soon arrived as well, and credit the golfer's actions for saving Madigan's life.

Three men were honored for helping a cement truck driver escape a dangerous crash in Des Moines April 7, 2017.   T.J. (Timothy Hodge) of Polk City, Jason McIntire of Winterset and Roy Flowers of Topeka, Kansas were honored for rescuing the truck driver.   The cement truck had been forced off the road at the northeast mix master in Des Moines, it crashed into a barrier and rolled onto its side into a ditch.  A fuel tank was partially torn off and caught fire.   The driver was injured and trapped.  The men helped pull him out a back window before the truck became fully engulfed in flames.