Cedar Rapids Police

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - A Cedar Rapids police officer who was dragged after a hit and run driver smashed into his parked police car Saturday is doing okay.

"The officer's out of the hospital and scheduled to come back to work on his next shift day."  Said Greg Buelow, Public Information Officer, Cedar Rapids Police Department.

"He did sustain a head injury.  He was pushed back by the open passenger side door and was pushed underneath the door, dragged a short distance, and was able to get free of the vehicle."  Buelow said. A tow truck driver who was at the scene pulled the officer out of the middle of the road, to safety.

"The patrol car does have dash cam video."  Buelow said. "I believe investigators have some pretty solid leads on how the suspect vehicle belongs to and who was driving it."

Buelow says initial reports that the suspect is a woman with long blond hair may be wrong.  "The suspect vehicle we determined was either a gold or brown Nissan passenger car.  The suspect is a thin, white person with long blond hair."  

But, Buelow adds, it was dark, and while the officer thought the suspect to be a female, it could have been a man with long hair.