(Des Moines, IA)  A lot of people are stopping by the 9-11 American flag display at Gray's Lake in Des Moines, on the city's south side.    

Thousands of flags representing each person killed on 911, are positioned between the walking trail and Fleur Drive.

"I think everybody has a person connection to this, it's hard not to remember what we were doing when it happened," said Charlene Ryan of Des Moines who stopped by to take a picture.  "We can't forget, it's sad."

WHO Radio news also spoke with Ralph Lido of Des Moines who served in the Air National Guard for 18 years.  He says  the display has special meaning to him because he's a veteran but he says it should have special meaning to everyone.    Lido says he comes to see the display every year, calling it an impressive salute to American patriotism, and a way to remember that there's a cost to freedom.

WHO Radio News spoke with many people walking, pushing strollers, and biking on the popular trail, who stopped for a moment to take a picture and pay their respects, on this the 16th anniversary of the attacks.