Voting underway to name Des Moines, Iowa lion cubs

(DES MOINES, Iowa)   Voting is underway now through January 16th,  to name three baby lion cubs at the Des Moines Blank Park Zoo.  .

Zoo Spokesman Ryan Bickel tells WHO News the cubs, two females and one male,  have been growing and are becoming more difficult to vaccinate because they are getting "feisty."   He says at some point this spring they expect the public will be able to see them.  Currently visitors to the zoo can see the cubs on a closed circuit TV inside the zoo.

The name choices are:

Name (pronunciation): meaning


Asha (ah-sha): life

Amara (ah-mar-a): immortal

Safiya (sa-fee-ya): pure

Amani (ah-mon-ee): desires, wishes

Kali (kaw-lee): fierce, sharp


Jabari (ja-bar-ee): the brave one

Bontu (bon-too): happy

Noahli (no-ah-lee): rest, comfort

The names will be announced January 19th.

To vote, go to

The lion cubs were born at Blank Park Zoo on November 14.

WHO Radio News


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