Man charged after hijacking DART bus in Des Moines, Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa- Des Moines Police say a man hijacked a DART bus last night, and threatened to bust the driver's head open. Police say 25-year-old Abraham Ramirez forced the driver to run thru red lights, at excessive speed. Police say Ramirez told the driver people were after him.

Police Sergeant Paul Parezik tells WHO Radio News Ramirez got on a bus at 9th and Grand, and as the only passenger on the bus. Police say Ramirez unbuckled the driver's seat belt, and demand he get out the bus. Ramirez then demanded the driver take him to Central Iowa Shelter, at 14th and Mulberry.

Sergeant Parezik says The bus driver told him the shelter was off route, so Ramirez changed his mind, and told the driver to head to the police station. An officer took him into custody without incident, despite Ramirez threatening to kill the first cop to show up.

Ramirez was not armed. He's in the Polk County Jail, on kidnapping, false imprisonment, harassment and extortion charges.

Police say they were impressed with the driver's ability to handle the situation, and keeping his cool in a tense, frightening situation.

WHO Radio News


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