Iowa's average temp in January was nearly normal

DES MOINES, Iowa- Despite the record breaking cold we suffered through this week, the average temperature for the month of January, ended up being 18 degrees, just ONE degree below normal. State Climatologist Justin Glison says that's because early January was 15-to-20 degrees warmer than normal.

He says the warmer temperatures offset the extremes this week, -20 air temp and -50 wind chill. Glison does not believe we'll see another polar vortex outbreak this year, saying it is an uncommon occurrence. The last one was 22 years ago.

Glison says the statewide average snowfall for January was around 12-inches, nearly five inches more than normal for the month.

Warmer temperatures this weekend are expected to melt some of the snow, and cause some fog, especially on Sunday.

Glison says that increases the chance of an inversion, when colder air is at the surface and warmer air is aloft, which traps particulate matter.

Air quality experts at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources say that will adversely impact the air quality across Iowa, and children and those with respiratory, heart, or other health conditions should avoid prolonged exertion outdoors on Sunday.

WHO Radio News


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