Iowa volunteers turn invasive trees into useful furniture

POLK COUNTY, Iowa- A nuisance tree that grows like wild, and crowds out other trees in Iowa state parks, may have a more useful purpose.

A program at Big Creek State Park , near Des Moines, uses Black Locust Trees, for hand-made chairs. Volunteers have been learning to build the log chairs, which will be used in cabins at Springbrook State Park, in Guthrie County.

The DNR says two volunteer groups have participated in constructing three log chairs, putting in 40-hours of volunteer service.

Black Locust trees are are commonly found in the Midwest and can span up to 50 feet tall and 35 feet wide. The high-density wood produced from Black Locust trees is used for fence posts, outdoor furniture, decks and other projects that require weatherproof materials. State law allows trees to be removed from state parks only by an issued permit.

Volunteer events will be scheduled through the end of February 2019 and limited to one program per week of up to five participants.

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