School kids in flooded Iowa town delivering laundry, bottled water, cookies

HAMBURG, Iowa- Students in a southwest Iowa community devastated by Missouri River flooding, are learning some new lessons these days, about helping their neighbors. The elementary school in Hamburg was one of the few buildings in the small town that was not inundated with floodwaters. It's now a temporary city hall and operations center, and offers three meals a day to flood victims.

The students, in grades K-8 are doing normal lessons in the morning, but that changes after lunch.

Hamburg School Superintendent Mike Wells tells WHO Radio News, the students and teachers are doing community service in the afternoon, delivering water bottles, cookies, and vital information about flood recovery to their neighbors. They're also helping with a temporary laundry service, operated by a church in Shenandoah.

Wells says today (Thursday) the kids will spend some time in downtown Hamburg, helping to sweep up some of the flood debris.

"We were hit hard, but I'll tell you what, these people in Hamburg are tough people, and this town will come back stronger. We're not done, and our school's strong," said Wells.

He's also sending out a big "Thank you" to all the communities in southwest Iowa who have been so supportive during this difficult time. He says they appreciate all the prayers and support.

WHO Radio News


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