Iowa sweet corn is beginning to arrive

DES MOINES, Iowa- Iowa's long awaited, and highly anticipated sweet corn crop is finally starting to roll into stands and local stores.

To celebrate, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig sampled some of the first locally grown sweet corn of the season on the west steps of the Iowa Capitol today (Wednesday).

Reynolds signed a proclamation for the occasion.

"I Kim Reynolds, Governor of the state of Iowa do hereby proclaim the day of July 10th, 2019 as "Sweet Corn Day" in Iowa."

Iowa farmers typically plant about 3,400 acres of sweet corn each year. The sweet corn crop, as well as other row crops have been behind schedule this year, because of a rainy spring that delayed or in some cases, prevented planting.

(Photo: Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds prepare to sample the first sweet corn of the season)

They were on WHO Radio's Big Show today.

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