Rare, blond raccoon spotted in sw Cedar Rapids

LINN COUNTY, Iowa- It looks like a cat, but it's actually a raccoon! A blond-colored raccoon was recently spotted in southwest Cedar Rapids, high in a mulberry tree, feasting on berries. Wildlife experts say about one-in-100 raccoons in Iowa are light-colored.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Vince Evelsizer says the animal is likely Leucistic. He says they're not quite albino,but definitely different than the thousands of raccoons in the state.

Evelsizer says birds, reptiles, and mammals can have Leucisim, a condition with reduced pigmentation. The lighter colored animals are often considered sacred in native American cultures, and good or bad luck among Europeans.

The Iowa DNR posted video on its Facebook page of this unusual critter.

WHO Radio News


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