Iowa DOT's new Black Out specialty plates are hot sellers

AMES, Iowa- A new type of specialty plate is proving to be very popular. The Iowa Department of Transporation rolled out the new "Black Out" plate this summer, and officials say more than 6,200 are on the road now, with another 2,000 on order.

Daniel Yeh of the DOT's Office of Vehicle Services the new plates seem to especially popular with people who have black vehicles. Iowa has more than 80-specialty plates. Yeh says the most popular specialty license plate is the University of Iowa plate, which can be found on more than 30-thousand vehicles in the state. The second most popular specialty plate is the Iowa State University plate, there are nearly 20,000 of those.

Other popular specialty plates include:

Natural Resources Goldfinch - 16,715

Cattlemen Care - 7,893

Natural Resources Eagle - 5,858

There are 4.5 (m) million vehicles registered in Iowa, most have the standard plate.

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