Republican Mike Bousselot wins House District 37 special election

Photo: WHO 13

(Polk County, IA) -- Republican Mike Bousselot wins the special election for Iowa House District 37. Bousselot received 51.58% of the votes (5,920) and Democrat Andrea Phillips received 48.30% of all votes (5,543).

Republican Rep. John Landon previously held the Iowa House seat before his passing in July. 38-year-old Bousselot will fill the seat and serve the remainder of Landon's term until the general election in November 2022.

Republicans carry a 59-to-40 majority in the House. In House District 37, Republicans hold a 1,500 registered voter advantage.

Bousselot, who previously served as the director of Iowa Department of Management for Gov. Kim Reynolds, now adds member-elect to his resume.

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