Lucy 2

An eastern Iowa farmer's getting national attention for his herd of Zebu cattle, which are known to be short in stature.   

 CNN recently featured New Liberty farmer Dean Schocker, who has a herd of 14 of the cattle, which are native to India and typically stand about four feet tall.

Schocker tells CNN he thinks he may have the smallest Zebu cow in the country.   

"Lucy" stands just two feet tall.  

The Scott County Iowa farmer says he knows of one in India, that's nearly Lucy's size, but knows of no others in the United States that are that short. 

Schocker breeds and sells the cattle to people all over the world as pets, breeding or for meat.

He tells CNN  when he started, Zebu sold for about $150. The price has risen to nearly  $1,500.

Schocker will soon have more in the pen, half his herd will be dropping calves in May.

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