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2014-6-29: Baby, it's wet outside

Posted June 29th, 2014 @ 8:20am

Botany's New Boy's (and Girls), 6/26/2014 NY Times article about the energy at the Greater DSM Botanical Garden. "Des Moines: Hell Yes" with thanks to Mike Draper

Stumped, in my own backyard. The photo doesn't do it justice. I think I know now where Martha Stewart and Benjamin Moore get their color choices. E.


A follow-up from last week: "South Pacific" Cannas from seed.

Dayton Nursery, dwarf Gaura lindheimerii, Gaudi series for a dry, sunny location in the garden

Do you like interspecific crosses? Crazy about color? Have you considered Digiplexis (Digiitalis x Isoplexis) "Illumination Flame".  In our area it would be an annual.

Strawberries from Berrypatch Farm


Bagworms, a review and prediction, ISU Extension News, 2-2009

Corn Rootworm, Plant & Soil Sciences eLibrary

Cucumber beetles, same critters, different names



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