Some Vegetables like it Hot!

2014 as proven to be a year that has not been too hot, but that last week or so has been on the warm side!

Because of the favorable temperatures and moisture earlier this summer most of gardens are well positioned to handles this short stretch of hot days.  Some, even love it!

Here is Aaron's short list of vegetables that like the heat (but not necessary drought!)

- Tomato

- Pepper - all types of peppers!

- Watermelon (especially with plenty of moisture)

- Okra

- Eggplant

- Sweet corn

- Sweet potatotoes


Harvesting Melons

There are plenty of old wives tales when it comes to harvesting melons, like watermelon, muskmelon and honeydew.  Use this article from Iowa State University Extension to be sure you harvest at the best time.


Establishing a New Lawn

When soil temperatures are high and cool weather is on the horizon, now is the best time to establish a new lawn from seed!  This article from Iowa State should help with the process.


Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Options

EAB is in Iowa.  Many folks are wondering what their options are to save their ash trees.  This free publication from Iowa State can help illuminate the options.  Keep in mind, despite the fact that much of this publication discusses insecticides for treatment, treatment for most ash trees in most residential locations is not practical - removal is often the best and most practical option!

For the latest information on Emerald Ash Borer in Iowa use this website!


 This Week at Reiman Gardens

The annual Quilt Show at Reiman Gardens is near! September 12-14, 2014.  Enjoy the beauty of the Gardens and some beautiful quilts.

If you are a quilter, you can enter your quilt for display.  Click here to submit by August 29th!


Sources for Heirloom Tomatoes

Jessica has a few suggestions on where to get heirloom tomatoes

In general, tomatoes are very easy to start from seed. Some of your local garden centers may have some of the more common heirloom cultivars available.
Here are some of my favorite sources for heirloom seeds and transplants, some of these can be very unique.
Seed Savers Exchange- tomatoes and pepper transplants in spring, heirloom seeds available year round.
Baker Creek Heirloom seeds- some wonderful heirlooms
Or, check at some farmer's markets in early Spring!!! You never know what you will stumble on!
If you'd like to taste for you yourself what some of these fantastic tomatoes taste like before you buy, check out the Seed Savers Tomato Tasting Event on Saturday, August 30th.