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How can we help stop human trafficking?

Human trafficking is an international problem, but it can be found right here in Iowa. Polk County Supervisor Robert Brownell tells us how we, as citizens, can help fight this...
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Does religious freedom exist in the workplace?

What exactly are your rights in the workplace when it comes to practicing your faith? Religious freedom expert Kelly Shackleford explains...
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Being Female in the Modern Social Media World

How would the Monica Lewinsky scandal have played out in the modern social media society? Bethany Mandel of the Federalist  wrote an extended piece with this very thing, and she joined...
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Health vs Faith

How far should parents be allowed to hold their religious beliefs when it comes to the health of their children? Fox News legal analyst Loretta Powers reports on a story in Idaho testing this very...
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Sondra Childs-Smith

Sondra Childs-Smith is running for the State House in District 45, she came on to tell us why she's worthy of your vote...
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Presidential Transition

There will soon be a new resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but what exactly happens when it's time to turn over the keys? Fox News Radio's John Decker fills us in...
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Food Truckin'!

The food truck revolution is in full effect in Des Moines, and one of the people at the forefront is Nick Kuhn of the Legion of Food...
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Congress takes up iPhone privacy

The ongoing discussion on just how much access law enforcement should have to your digital information has reached Congress, with hearings being held on the topic this week. Fox News Radio's...
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How can Iowans compete better internationally?

The world is becoming more competitive, with employees needing more and more tools to keep up. Scholar Kavi Chawla came on to talk about a new initiative here in Iowa to facilitate this...
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Regulating Uber

The explosion of ride share services, like Uber and Lyft, has led to legal headaches across the country. Iowa State Senator Charles Schnieder gave an update as to how the assembly is making...
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