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Helping Prisoners Become Productive

Prison Fellowship is a national organization working to bring the Word of God to prisoners, while also helping them become productive citizens once again. CEO James Ackerman came on to lay out...
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What Was It Like on the Floor in Cleveland?

What was it like to be in Cleveland for this week's GOP Convention? According to delegate Frank Gorgie, it was a smooth affair...
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An Iowan's Thoughts on the GOP Convention

What did an Iowan think about this week's GOP Convention in Cleveland? Jamie Johnson turned to friend, and fellow broadcaster, Jon Jacobsen...
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What Does a Cruz Supporter Think of His Speech?

What does a Ted Cruz supporter think about the Senator's speech at last night's GOP Convention? We asked our friend Debbie G, and she didn't hold back...
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POLL: Do You Agree With Ted Cruz?

Jeff Angelo wants to know: *****start poll***** Poll: Do You Agree With What Ted Cruz Did? *****end poll***** //
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How do You Streamline the Regents Universities?

The Iowa Board of Regents recently voted to increase tuition at all 3 state universities. Regent Larry McKibben explains that the increase was unavoidable...
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Is Trump Read to Conquer Iowa?

Now that Donald Trump is officially the GOP nominee for President, is he ready to compete for the votes of Iowans? To find out, we turned to his Iowa director, Eric Branstad...
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What exactly happened with the Iowa GOP Delegation?

Iowa's Republican delegation made national headlines yesterday, with the media reporting that the entire group had walked off during the rules portion of the event. But, Craig Robinson of the Iowa...
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Does it matter that Kasich isn't at the convention?

Does it really matter that Ohio's governor, John Kasich, is staying away from the GOP Convention in his own state? If you ask Political Analyst Carrie Sheffield, she'll tell you yes...
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What's it like on the GOP Convention Floor?

So, what was it like last night at the GOP Convention? Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland is covering things for us in Cleveland, and she reported live...
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