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The Fight Between Small Town Water and Environmentalists

The residents of the small town of Clarion has seen their water and sewer rates more than double as the city works to upgrade their water treatment facilities. But one environmental group says...
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Vote Your Conscience or Vote for Trump?

A movement is afoot within the GOP, seeking to get delegates to "vote their conscience", even if that means going against their state's voters. We asked Tamara Scott, Iowa's RNC Committeewoman,...
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Who is the Millennial Entrepreneur?

We talk a lot about the new generation of workers and business owners, but just who is the Millennial workforce? Author Gabrielle Boshe has interviewed over 20 new business owners, and she came on...
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Correcting the History of Iwo Jima

The US Marine Corp recently acknowledged that one of the Marines in the famous photo from the Battle of Iwo Jima has been misidentified all these years. This correction is the culmination of a 2...
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Is sugar bad for you?

We hear a lot about how sugar, specifically added sugars, are bad for our health. With the FDA getting ready to add "added sugars" to the nutritional labeling requirements, we called on Dr Robert...
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Have Democrats Lost Their Minds on Gun Control?

The words and actions by Senate democrats have led some to wonder if the whole party has gone crazy. One of these people, columnist David Harsanyi, came on to explain just what makes him think the...
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Joni Ernst from the Hill

The US Senate spent Monday debating, but not passing, many gun control measures from each side of the aisle. Senator Joni Ernst called in to recap the debate, as well as update us on some other...
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Where does Trump go from here?

The Donald Trump campaign took an unexpected turn today, with the GOP nominee firing campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Professor Allen Saxe came on to discuss what this move means for the...
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What should be teaching our kids?

According to Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation, we are teaching our kids to hate America. He came on to explain himself, and then Jeff found out what you think...
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Beer Week!

Des Moines Beer Week is just around the corner, with brewers and consumers acros the metro celebrating the culture. J Wilson, of the Iowa Brewers Guild, came on to tell us all about it...
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