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Looking Back at the DNC

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday night, with Hillary Clinton officially accepting her party's nomination for President. Jeff Angelo delved deeper into the message the...
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Will Iowa Still Be First in the Nation?

Will Iowa continue to be the First in the Nation when it comes to picking the President? For answers, we turned to one of Iowa's GOP committee members, Steve Scheffler...
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Senator Ernst Checks In

Senator Joni Ernst is back in DC, working hard for Iowans. She called in about an important milestone in any Congressperson's career: her first Presidential veto...
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What Have We Learned About ISIS?

What have the latest ISIS attack told us about them that we didn't know before? According to former Ambassador John Bolton, it starts with how they talk...
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The latest on ISIS in Europe

Simon Owen of Fox News Radio reports on the latest ISIS attack in France...
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Did Bill Clinton Help Hillary?

Did former President Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC help wife Hillary's Presidential campaign? Iowa Professor Tim Hagle says that it sure didn't hurt...
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Should RAGBRAI Be Stopped?

The first two days of RAGBRAI have already seen one death and one serious injury. In light of this, Jeff wants to know: Should the Great Bike Ride be stopped?
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How Can You Survive an Active Shooter?

How can you survive an active shooter situation? Edwin Walker of US Law Shield is here to tell us...
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Is Air Conditioning Worse Than ISIS?

Secretary of State John Kerry recently said that the environmental impact of air conditioning is as great a threat as terrorism. But, as author Kathleen Hartnett-White says, this is all a bunch of...
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Hiring America's Former Prisoners

What is being done on the Federal level to help integrate our prisoners back into society? US Attorney Kevin Techau says that it all starts with  helping them find work...
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