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Should RAGBRAI Be Stopped?

The first two days of RAGBRAI have already seen one death and one serious injury. In light of this, Jeff wants to know: Should the Great Bike Ride be stopped?
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How Can You Survive an Active Shooter?

How can you survive an active shooter situation? Edwin Walker of US Law Shield is here to tell us...
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Is Air Conditioning Worse Than ISIS?

Secretary of State John Kerry recently said that the environmental impact of air conditioning is as great a threat as terrorism. But, as author Kathleen Hartnett-White says, this is all a bunch of...
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Hiring America's Former Prisoners

What is being done on the Federal level to help integrate our prisoners back into society? US Attorney Kevin Techau says that it all starts with  helping them find work...
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Is There a War on Cops?

Relations between police and the African American community are strained, but does it constitute a war? Heather MacDonald thinks so...
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Why Are 28 Pages So Impoartant?

The US Government recently released 28 pages of the 9/11 Report  that were originally redacted. Kristen Breitweiser, one of the "Jersey Girls" widows, came on to tell us why these pages are...
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Wanna Buy a House?

What's the housing market like in Iowa? Ken Clack of the Iowa Association of Real tors says it's pretty good...  
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DNC Chaos!

The democratic National Convention kicks off today, surrounded by protests and controversy over the DNC's emails. Alice Stockton-Rossini reports from the chaos in Philadelphia...
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Helping Prisoners Become Productive

Prison Fellowship is a national organization working to bring the Word of God to prisoners, while also helping them become productive citizens once again. CEO James Ackerman came on to lay out...
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What Was It Like on the Floor in Cleveland?

What was it like to be in Cleveland for this week's GOP Convention? According to delegate Frank Gorgie, it was a smooth affair...
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