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Secretary Bill Northey

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey came on to talk about the state of the ag economy, as well as how the planting season is moving along...
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Why will Iowa women vote for Trump?

The question has been asked, why would women vote for Donald Trump? Here with the answer is Melissa Gesing of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women...
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How do you get Millennials to get out the vote?

The Millennial generation is bit enough to match the numbers of the Baby Boomers, but young voter turnout hasn't match those numbers. Young activist Audrea Taylor came on to tell us what...
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How does an independent campaign run?

Given the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many Americans are choosing neither. Former independent Senate candidate Greg Orman thinks this makes conditions right for a third party...
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Legal-Lis with Lis Wiehl

The swift advancement of technology brings with it a large set of legal issues. Legal expert Lis Wiehl is here to helps us sort some of them out...
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al-Qaida vs ISIS, what does it all mean?

A video surfaced recently of the son of Osama bin Laden, attempting to recruit radicals to al-Qaida. Terrorism expert Kevin Mellott came on to tell us what this means for them, ISIS, and terrorism...
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Is Digital Addiction Real?

Can you really be addicted to your smart phone? To answer this question, we turned to addiction expert Delaine Faris...
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How much should job seekers worry about their social media posts?

Graduation season is upon us, with students across the country hitting the job market, followed by their social media posts. Business coach Sontaye Hawkins is here to help you put the best digital...
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Psychic Suzanna!

Psychic Suzanna is back, and she's here to tell you everything...
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What will Trump do to the rest of the ticket?

One of the pressing questions about the Trump candidacy is what effect his name on top will have to the rest of the GOP ticket. Jeff Angelo asked for your thoughts, and you definitely gave them......
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