Radio Tradio with Steve Locker

I have proven that anyone can take a character flaw and turn it into a partially successful radio career. It all started at a 250 watt radio station in Macon, Missouri at the top end of the dial, spinning hits and reading the news.

After about 6 months I came back to Iowa. My wife, Deb, and I moved to Perry where I was with KDLS until 1975. I then moved to Ames to work with KLFM.

In 1977 we packed up the Pacer (we're actually Gypsies) and moved to Mason City where I had a mid-day show on KGLO until 1989. I moved back to Ames to be the Operations Manager of KEZT (formerly KLFM, KLTI).

I came to WHO in 1994 to take over the Tradio duties upon Dave Campbell's move up to mornings on 100.3. Between 1989 and 1994 I had several part-time announcing positions; one at KDMG; one at a Jefferson station on 98.9 and yet another announcing blue light specials at an area box store.

I know what you're thinking now.  Poor guy can't hold a job.

I'm an amateur radio operator, and although I'm not the greatest electrical tech, I have a nice collection of pocket protectors.

I also play bass guitar in four musical groups: Murphy's Law, The Brewer Project, the Frank McLane Blues Band and the Praise Band at the Methodist church in Nevada. Trouble is, I forget what songs belong in which band!

My day begins at 2:30am. So that would make me a 2:30'er and I'm jealous of those 4:59ers that get to sleep in.

When I was a kid on the farm near Gilman, my dad asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I told him I wanted to be a radio announcer. He said, "Kid, you're going to have to decide one or the other; you can't do both! Even back in 3rd Grade I told my teacher I wanted to be a big time radio announcer. Mrs. Rocquet made me stand in the corner and re-think that.

Tradio Rules

  1. No cars or trucks that you can currently drive down the road
  2. No guns. Antique guns are allowed
  3. Be sure NOT to ask for an Elvis song from Bob Quinn
  4. 3 items only
  5. No real estate
  6. Have your information ready to deliver on the air. It's just like show prep. If I have to do it, so should you.
  7. Please give your phone number slowly and clearly so I can copy it down onto our official Radio Tradio Phone Log. I get extra points for neatness.
  8. No passing allowed. No. Wait. That's the WHO Radio Tractor Ride. Never mind.
  9. Employees, please remember to wash your hands before going to the bathroom.
  10. Ask about our soup of the day!
  11. If you're wearing your baseball cap backwards, turn it around so the bill of the cap can do what it is designed to do: block the sun. While you're at it, pull up your pants. Good Grief!
  12. More fashion hints coming soon to this web page.