Who doesn't want to make great money from the comfort of their home with a brew in hand? Exactly. That's why Richard Littauer created 'The User is Drunk.' A website where companies come hire him to scroll through their websites with a decent buzz to test how user friendly they are. The whole idea is that a website should be so seamlessly navigable that a drunk person could do it. 

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One night Richard came home from a bar to open his email and found a friend asking his opinion on a website he was working on. He was a little buzzed, but thought, 'Hey, why not?" That one drunken exchange turned a light bulb on for Richard, who turned this into a booming business. He started out charging $50 a website and quickly had to raise his price to $500, mainly because he was so tired of being drunk all the time. That same problem is why his business is now closed, but it has definitely opened doors for a new breed of career opportunities. 

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