Congratulations to Alan Gardner, winner of the $400 worth of candy courtesy of the Sweets & Treats Convention Center and Dan Mueller of Mueller-Yurgae Associates!  Alan had the five word scrambled candy this morning at 5:03AM!  The winning candy names were:  Godiva Chocolates, Toblerone Chocolates, Red Vines Licorice, Candy Necklaces and Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries.  Way to go Alan!

Our special guest this morning was Mark Hennessey of ARAG.  ARAG is a network of attorneys that provide legal care insurance to large companies to offer as a benefit to their employees.  They have a special event coming up May 14th from 10AM-6PM at the United Way Building, 1111 9th St., Des Moines.  Des Moines area attorneys will meet with you to draw up a will free of charge.  There are some restrictions...go to their website for more information and to reserve a time... or you can call 515-280-7344. 

Monday morning we will be talking with Kami Rankin of Jester Park regarding the brand new cabins at Jester Park...available for rent starting May 26th.  Van and I will be camping out on the evening of May 18th and doing our morning show live from the cabins on the morning of May 19th.

Some people have expressed a desire to help out the Scleroderma Foundation but are not able to join us for the walk on June 8th.  If you wish to donate, you are welcome to make a check out to the Scleroderma Foundation and mail it to my attention here at WHO Radio, 2141 Grand, Des Moines, IA  50312 and I will take it with me to the walk.  Thank you so much!!!! 

Have a Blessed Mother's Day and a great weekend!