My special guest host this morning was John Busbee, creative projects developer.  John's projects range from writing to producing events and exhibitions to developing new organizations, projects and initiatives.  He also writes for Iowa History Journal and DSM Magazine.  He was the Iowa Locations Manager for the feature "The Crazies", Production Coordinator for "Haunting Villisca", Production Supervisor for "Butter" and more.  John serves on the Terrace Hill Foundation's board. 

We found out this morning that the original owner of Terrace Hill built the mansion for $250,000 back in 1869.   That was a lot of money back then, but can you imagine the cost to build Terrace Hill now?!  Be sure to check out the various tours given there as well as the Terrace Hill Teas available with the First Lady, Chris Branstad.  Check out all of the upcoming events at Terrace Hill at

John also talked about another famous mansion in Cedar Rapids called Brucemore.  You can find out more at

The books we talked about this morning and gave away were:

Mother Goose of Yesteryear by Barbara Hallman Kissinger (children's book)
A Spaceman Who Lived In Des Moines by Mike Draper (Raygun) (children's book)
Stop, Breathe, Believe by Dianne Morris Jones
The Midwest: God's Gift To Planet Earth by Mike Draper (Raygun)
Stop and Smell The Garbage by Chris McMahon Sutton (a book for caregivers)
Healthy Recipes by Penfield Books
License To Cook Iowa Style by Penfield Books

The Wild Rose Film Festival will be November 6th thru the 13th at the Fleur Cinema Cafe.  Be sure to check it out!

The Farmer's Almanac is calling for this winter to be colder than usual and next summer to be hotter.  In fact, they are predicting a "super-cold" winter in two-thirds of the's hoping we're in the other one-third!  They are also predicting a drop in rainfall in the midwest.  California's drought is expected to continue.

Tomorrow on Van & Bonnie, my Van fill-in will be Craig Ruegsegger of Wood Magazine.  Craig is a former employee of WHO Radio who moved on to make some real money!  He's a lot of fun, so tune in!

Stay cool!