The Maine
with The Wrecks & The Technicolors


Tuesday April 17th @ 7:30p

Ticket Prices: $20

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You're the type who knows what music is all about: the careful melodies, the heartfelt lyrics, the catchy hooks and vocal harmonies. To you, it doesn't matter whether a band wear matching t-shirts or whether they take the stage sporting the latest trend. It's all about the music. And that's a good thing, because The Maine feel the very same way.

 Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, The Maine throw their hearts and souls into making genuinely good music, no matter the image. Noted for their fun, fresh rock and smart mix of originality and polished talent, The Maine creates the type of music you want to play with the windows rolled down, the wind whipping through your hair, and the warm sun on your face. With down-to-earth lyrics and a bright energy, it's no surprise that success has come quickly for the rock quintet, who forged their identity as a band before some members had even finished high school.