(Image from Aaron Anderson, Linn Grove, IA-Facebook)

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is confirming there's at least one mountain lion in northwest Iowa.  

Images of a mountain lion have been confirmed on three separate trail cameras, on three separate properties. 

DNR Wildlife expert Vince Evelsizer says at least one mountain lion is believed to be in Cherokee County and was also spotted in southwest Clay County in early August.  

He says it's difficult to judge by the trail camera photos, but it appears the mountain lion is at least two-to-three years old.  

Experts do not know if it's the same animal.    Evelsizer says mountain lions, can travel up to 20-miles per day and most of the time, they're chasing deer, and are shy around humans.   

He says they tend to move around more in the summer and fall, and are more active at night.

Last year, there were very few mountain lion reports. There have been more this year, including some unconfirmed reports.  The DNR says when mountain  lion populations are stronger in the west, the cats tend to disperse a little more.

Evelsizer says if you spot a mountain lion, the DNR would like to hear from you.