Clive, Iowa Police identify mystery theft suspect

(Clive, Iowa)  Clive Police say a woman suspected of taking money from a local woman's bank account has been identified as a woman from Florida, who is a known criminal and is wanted in South Carolina.

Police say the suspect is 40 year old Melonie Mahfouz of Boynton Beach, Florida.   

Police in Clive will be seeking arrest warrants for Mahfouz for Forgery, Second Degree Theft, and Identity Theft.  A tip from Minnesota authorities and witnesses led to the identity of Mahfouz, who is a known member of the so-called Felony Lane Gang, which is made up of groups of criminals who engage in this type of activity all over the country.

Police are reminding residents not to leave items such as purses and wallets in vehicles, because it raises the risk of theft.

Clive Detective Maurio Coleman tells WHO Radio News, if your bank account information is stolen, they should either close the account or insist your bank ask for a private password, if someone tries to get money from your account.  

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