Sheep bite into Clive, Iowa's weedy Greenbelt Trail

(Clive, Iowa)    The city of Clive is using sheep and goats to get rid of some invasive plants along the Greenbelt Trail.   

The animals are behind temporary-fences, but those using the recreational trail will see them grazing.

The city has placed no trespassing signs in the area, as well as signs asking visitors not to disturb or feed the animals, because they are busy working for the city.

Doug Ollendike with the city of Clive says it's an efficient way to get rid of poison ivy and other plants that humans would rather avoid.   

He says it's sort of a competition, to see which animals, sheep or goats, eat the most.   They'll declare a winner during the Walnut Creek Watershed Festival this Friday.

The City of Clive is suggesting the public view the animals working Wednesday, October 4th at Noon, during the Healthiest State Walk, leaving from the Clive Aquatic Center, 1801 NW 114th Street. 

The walk will last approximately thirty minutes for walkers of all abilities on the Greenbelt Trail.

Fri. Oct 6 from 4 – 7 p.m., the Walnut Creek Watershed Festival, will have eco-minded activities, conservation group displays, live music, and food trucks. Visitors will be able to cross the bridge to access the trail and watch the goats and sheep grazing on the other side.

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