Johnston schools late start for police sweep

Johnston Police say the text message threats of violence against students were "not credible", but the school district will have a late start Wednesday to allow for police sweeps of schools just in case.

The district notified parents that all secondary schools will start at 9:45am and morning practices have been cancelled.  There will be no morning KTC and elementary schools will start at 10:35am.  Bus routes will run two hours later than normally scheduled.  In addition, morning 2 and 3 year old preschool programs and all morning DK classes have been cancelled.

Meanwhile, WHO Radio News has gotten word that social media posts on the Davenport, Iowa Police Department website indicate similar texts have been received by parents of students at North High School in Davenport.  

We haven't been able to determine the validity of those posts, but Davenport Police issued a statement saying they are aware of them and are working with the Davenport School distict, which has NOT cancelled classes today.  Police in Davenport say they're "monitoring" the threats there.

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