Celebrating 4-H

 National 4-H Week fell on October 1-7 this year. It’s a week set aside to showcase the young people involved in 4-H and the opportunities the program can present. Jennifer Sirangelo, President and CEO of the National 4-H Council, says the program is all about youth development:

Sirangelo 1

There are several important ways that 4-H help youth to develop skills they can use for a lifetime, starting with a relationship with a caring adult:

Sirangelo 2

The judging competition starts at the county fair level, with the winners typically moving on to state fair competition.

She says the 4-H leadership development is the other important aspect of their program. The goal is to develop young people into leaders who are confident, give back to their communities, and can work together with others in a team.

While the 4-H program will always trace its roots back to early agriculture, Sirangelo says it’s not just for kids who live on farms:

Sirangelo 3

Sirangelo hears from 4-H alumni that the relationships with others in in the program are among the most treasured memories they have.

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