Iowa Democrats bring Alec Baldwin's Trump parody to town

Alec Baldwin as President Trump on SNL

DES MOINES, IOWA - Iowa Democrats are bringing in a heavy hitter for their annual Fall Gala next year:   Alec Baldwin.

"We are really excited to having Alec Baldwin here for our Fall Gala."  Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price tells WHO / WMT Radio News.  

"He is committed to helping rebuilding the party, both here in Iowa and across the country, and we're just so excited he's going to spend some time here with Iowa Democrats who are already fired up about 2018."  

Price says the star-power of Alec Baldwin has their phones ringing nonstop since the announcement was made Monday afternoon.   

Baldwin is famed for his parody of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live on NBC.  

Ticket information for the Iowa Democrats Fall Gala is online at 

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