The scariest place in America is right here in Iowa! Find out

Gary Barrett of the WHO Radio Newsroom, joined us in the studio just after the 7:30 news to talk about tonight's Call Governor Reynolds Show at 6PM.  Gary thinks people will be interested in Medicaid funding, Iowa's application for Obamacare, the mental health issue and more.   And of course, call in after 6PM tonight to ask your question of the Governor at 515-284-1040 or text Gary your question at 515-989-1040.  You can hear his entire interview here....

Van, Bonnie and Jeff got into a conversation that included "Jaws" music and then we realized that Leila, our producer, was not alive when that movie came out and she probably had no idea what we were talking about.... and we talk about the scariest place in's here in Iowa!  Check out the conversation here...

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Monte Shaw will be talking to us about E10, E15 and E85.  Also, there's a new type of keyboard available...we'll tell you all about it!

Have a super day!


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