The scoop on E10, E15 & E85/A New Keyboard Invention & Leila Rush!

Monte Shaw of Iowa Renewable Fuels joined us in the studio this morning just after the 8:30 news to talk about E10, E15 and E85 fuels.  He mentioned that if you go to you can get a list of E15 pumps where there will be a pink pump where 3 cents of every gallon will go to fight breast cancer. Monte told us that E10 is safe for ALL engines...even your lawn mower, boat or motorcycle...E15 can be used in all vehicles 2001 and newer...E85 is only for flex-fuel vehicles and your vehicle will have a yellow gas cap if it is a flex-fuel vehicle.  You can hear the entire interview here...

Will Klingner from Keybodo talked to us this morning about a new keyboard cover that will help people learn how to type on a keyboard with less mistakes.  It is also supposed to help you retain the information you are typing.  You can get more information at  You can hear Will's entire interview here...

If you missed Leila Rush's "Have You Seen This" this morning, never can hear it here...

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Sarah Zahn will join us to talk about the big celebration in Winterset this weekend and famed author John Irving will be making a rare appearance here in Des Moines...we'll tell you where and when you can meet him!

If you're a Star Wars fan, don't forget to get your tickets to Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) coming in December.  The Science Center IMAX is one of only 11 theaters worldwide showing The Last Jedi in 70mm IMAX film.  Their first showings are on December 14th at 7PM and 10PM.

Have a good day!


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