"It's incredible," says Iowan on TV's "The Voice"

Jon Mero of The Voice

(Des Moines, Iowa)  Former Iowan Jon Mero says being a contestant on NBC's The Voice has been thrilling.   He told WHO Radio's Saturday Morning Live today that having all four celebrity judges compete to coach him into the next round has validated all his hard work in music.

"All these confirmations, of all the hard work that I've done, and then they all go after me, I felt like it was an out of body experience," Mero told Justin Brady and Adrianne Branstad.  "I've been working so hard as a  musician for so long, it's incredible, it's a blessing, thank you Jesus!"

Mero, who now lives in Atlanta, was careful not to reveal too much about the experience, but did say the show's staffers  prepare contestants very well so they preform their best during the program.

Good Luck Jon!

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