VIDEO of Des Moines area Prof screaming about Pomegranates

BOONE, IOWA -   Video of a Des Moines Area Community College professor screaming about pomegranates has gone viral on the internet.  ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE.

Students say Dr. Jane Martino often uses unusual approaches in her teaching, but a video of this one, out of context, has people online sharing and commenting on her Friday the 13th rant/lesson.

DMACC professor Dr. Jane Martino tells WHO TV Channel 13 (video above) that she admits it's shocking to see, but said it was all a part of a lesson on positive and negative reinforcement.  In that context, it makes sense.

“If you only tell kids what not to do, all you're doing is filling their heads with garbage. Instead, if you say, 'hey how about a kiwi, shouldn’t we have a kiwi now,' the kid might go, 'okay."  Martino said.

"When you add all that extra energy, it's going in high torque.”  

Think of the parent who just screams no, no, no at a child.  Does that help the child understand the lesson to be learned?  Does it suggest a better alternative that is approved?  Or does it leave the child confused and possibly even rebellious?

The now viral video clip taught Martino's student not just about psychology, they also learned a lesson  about perception.

“Don’t judge someone by a little 20-second video. Just be sure to know the full details, and then after that you can actually judge them and see what you think is right and wrong." Bernardo Pantoja, one of Martino's students tells WHO TV Channel 13.  

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