Twitter's Melania Body Double Consipracy

President Trump Holds Hispanic Heritage Event At The White House

The latest Twitter conspiracy is aimed at Melania Trump. Social media is going wild with the idea that President Trump has been seen around town with a fill-in first lady. After a press conference where she was completely silent and wearing large, black sunglasses while the President said, "My wife Melania, who happens to be right here..." Twitter users say all signs point to a body double. There have also been comments made about the shape of her nose looking off.

Now there's even a "Fake Melania" twitter account trolling the situation.

Did anyone stop to think maybe she was just tired of wearing a face full of makeup for once? Which would explain the sunglasses and all the other appearance differences. Geeze, being fabulous is hard work and even the first lady needs a break now and then. 

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