UPDATE: Judge throws out ISEA's collective bargaining lawsuit

A Polk County District Court judge Friday afternoon tossed out a lawsuit by the Iowa State Education Association which attempted to block Iowa's new collective bargaining laws.

The ISEA contended in the suit that the new laws treat teachers differently from other state and local government employees.  

Both the state of Iowa and the ISEA asked for a summary judgment, which asks the judge to decide the facts in the case without going to trial.

District Judge Michael Huppert rejected the ISEA's request for a summary judgment in the lawsuit and then granted the State's motion for summary judgment in the case.

ISEA filed the lawsuit in April, challenging House File 291, which the union said weakens collective bargaining by some public employees over others, like law enforcement. 

In a statement, ISEA president Tammy Wawro said the organization is looking at "all options, including an appeal."

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