West Des Moines Police: Child reports attempted enticement

(West Des Moines, Iowa)   West Des Moines Police say a little girl was approached Thursday afternoon by a man who tried to entice her into his SUV.

"She noticed that a silver SUV was driving slowly by her.  A Caucasian male attempted to entice her into his vehicle."  West Des Moines Police Sergeant Adam Porath tells WHO Radio News. 

He says the elementary school aged girl did what police teach them to do in local classrooms.  

"She said no, ran towards her home, called her mom immediately, and they called police."

Porath says it happened around 4:30 Thursday afternoon, in the 39-hundred block of Woodland Avenue.

The suspect is a white male with a goatee, glasses, brown hair, possibly graying, and an eagle tattoo on the lower right arm.  

Porath says every school year police visit all 2nd and 6th graders in West Des Moines schools to teach stranger danger, to be sure children know what to do if a stranger approaches them or tries to get them to get into a car.

Anyone with information is asked to call the West Des Moines Police Department Tip Line at (515) 222-3399.  

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