Snapchatting Sisters Share Lives Socially

They're not quite what you think of when you hear about a famous group of snapchatting sisters (i.e. Kardashians) but the #MediaNuns are building their own reputation online. "The Daughters of St Paul are using social media to show teens and women considering a path similar to theirs what it's really like. Sister Chelsea Bethany, @srchelsea, spreads not only the good word, but things like her favorite foods and has fun with snap filters.

"I want to give people a peek into the everyday life of a #MediaNun. I am a real religious sister, and because there aren't too many sisters on Snapchat, I thought it would be a cool way to give people, especially teens, a look into religious life." -Sister Chelsea Bethany via Mashable

Sister Theresa Aletheia (@pursuedbytruth) uses Snapchat and Twitter to spread her message, including not being shy about reminding followers they will all die someday. 

"We see ourselves as doing what Saint Paul would be doing in the world if he were here today. He would definitely be out using the most modern means available to reach the most people with the Gospel message." -Sister Theresa Aletheia

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