It's Going Down at the Bean

Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite iHeart stations in Chicago on the app and ended up going to their website to read up on a story I heard. After searching them, Facebook, in typical sneaky Facebook fashion, instantly started showing ads for events in Chicago. I noticed there were quite a few at The Chicago Bean in Millennium Park, which is a huge tourist attraction. (If you go to Chicago and don't post a picture with the bean, were you ever even there? HA!)

I anticipated your basic events like "yoga at the bean" or maybe like an artist gathering, but I was pleasantly surprised and burst into laughter. Some of the events included the "Windex the Bean" event coming up on November 15. Even better, the "Paint the Bean Black so They Can't Windex It" event on November 13.

You can't make this stuff up! So I went to Twitter and searched "#thebean" to verify I wasn't the only one seeing this hilariousness!

If you're not worried about The Bean's shine, what about its tan lines? There's an event for that on Christmas! 

We can't have the bean getting sick either...

The "Crack a cold one with the bean because it's lit fam" event is BYOB incase you were planning on making an appearance.

Long story short, it's going down at The Bean. BTW: If you love hip hop, you'll love WGCI, my favorite station in Chicago!

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