Nurses reject SEIU at Broadlawns

If you check out the Service Employees International Union Local 199's Twitter feed, you'll see "congratulations" messages galore.  This after public employees in several communities voted this month to recertify the union as their bargaining agent in a recertification vote.  

But not when it comes to the 199 nurses at Broadlawns Medical Center.

Instead, you'll see this:

In the recertification vote, SEIU Local #199 neeeded 99 votes to be recertified.  Only 74 members voted to do so.  27 said "no" to recertifying the union.

While SEIU is rejoicing in votes taken in other communities, they are calling the election "rigged" when it comes to Broadlawns, saying that a "3 to 1" vote ratified the union.  

But nurse Teresa Stevens doesn't think Broadlawns needs a union. She tells WHO Channel 13 that she didn't see any major impact the the local union had on the public employees.

Others say this will intensify the rhetoric on the campaign trail-especially for one candidate for governor. SEIU Local 199's president is Cathy Glasson, who's one of the Democrats seeking her party's nomination for the election next November.

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