Would you let Amazon come into your home when you're not there?

Amazon has a new "key" delivery service where they can open your front door and they have five minutes to get your packages inside and close the door again.  Everything is on camera.  Would you use it?  Van, Bonnie, Jeff and Leila all chime in with their thoughts.  Hear it here....

Ross Peterson of Sound-Off joined us in the studio this morning to preview the Hawkeye/Minnesota football game.  He thinks the Hawkeyes should win!  Hear his entire interview here...

We also talked about a new app...SkinVision...that can detect skin cancer.  You will find that conversation and information in a separate blog post on this page.

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, it's FRIDAY!  So, we'll have the Friday Morning News Quiz.  Also, we'll two more chances on our show for you to win a $1,000 Christmas Bonus!  Tune in at 7:05 an 8:05 for your chance to win!  Don't forget to check out the website... www.whoradio.com for contests.  Right now, you can win tickets to the Gatlin Brothers!

Enjoy the warmer weather today...the cold starts tonight!


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