Cruz takes heat for holding up Iowa's Bill Northey nomination

Monte Shaw of  the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association is reacting to the "hold" placed on Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey's nomination to a post in the U-S-D-A.    

He says calls Texas Senator's actions "ridiculous."   It's been widely reported that the action on the part of Cruz is viewed as retaliation against Iowa's U.S Senators Joni Ernst and Charles Grassley, for their pressuring the Environmental Protection Agency on the Renewable Fuel Standard.

"The oil patch is used to getting it's way, and on this one, they're not going to.  Eventually they'll come to realize that and the (Northey) nomination will move forward,"  Shaw told WHO Radio's Andy Peterson and Doug Cooper today on the Big Show.

"When (Senators) Grassley and Ernst stood up for the R-F-S, they were standing up to the law of the land and telling that to (President Trump) and the E-P-A Administrator who both publicly promised to do just that.  The oil guys may not like it, but what they're asking is to ignore the law of the land, and that's ridiculous," said Shaw.

Shaw says holding Northey's nomination hostage probably isn't a good idea, and suggested that some Ted Cruz' former supporters might want to contact him. 

Cruz won the Iowa Caucuses last time around. Shaw describes the oil company's actions as "petulant."

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