Fran McCaffrey, Tom Brands & Lisa Bluder coming to Des Moines!

Joe Chmelka of the Polk County I-Club joined us by phone this morning to talk about a special luncheon coming up with Fran McCaffrey, Tom Brands and Lisa Bluder!  This luncheon is open to any Hawkeye fan! The event is November 7th, 11AM at Valley Community Center in West Des Moines.  For more information or to get tickets, go to  You can hear the entire interview here... ate a lot of Halloween do you detox instead of making yourself fee worse?  Find out here....

All week long, Van and Bonnie are giving away Paul Anka tickets!  If you want to hear how we do it so you'll be ready to participate tomorrow morning, check out our winner today....

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, we will not only have Paul Anka tickets, but we will also have front row tickets to Country & Christmas with Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers coming to the Des Moines Civic Center on November 24th at 7:30AM.  So, be sure to tune in to win tomorrow morning!!!!

Have a great day...stay warm!


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