Deputy finds 82 pounds of marijuana in Iowa traffic stop

(Johnston County, Iowa)   A eastern Iowa Sheriff's Deputy pulled over a driver on I-80 last night (Thursday) near the Coralville exit in Johnson County.    

During the stop deputy Cody O'Hare discovered 82-pounds of marijuana in the vehicle's trunk.

Two men were arrested, 32-year-old Jairo Rodriguez and 24-year-old Juan Salcedo, they are currently in the Johnson County Jail.

Johnson County Sheriff Lonnie Pulkrabek tells WHO Radio News the deputy became suspicious when he noticed a car consistently driving in the fast lane on I-80.  He pulled over the car for a routine violation, and asked to look in the trunk.  The driver and passenger consented, and that's when deputy O'Hare saw the large amount of marijuana.   The men in the car said they had rented the car in northern California and were on their way to New York.

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