Star Trek superstar beams down to Ankeny Starbucks

Ankeny, Iowa - Baristas at the Ankeny Starbucks served a movie star Tuesday.   

Zachary Quinto, the man who plays Spock in the newest Star Trek movies stopped by on a cross-country trip.

Quinto and his partner, fashion model, Miles McMillan pulled up in their Audi SUV to take a break at the Ankeny Starbucks.

Well known for his role as Spock in Star Trek and Sylar on Heroes, Quinto happily posed for a photo with Melissa Gonzalez and Brandy Hayen. 

When asked, McMillan told a local patron they were on a leisurely cross-country trip with their dogs.For the nosy super-fans, Quinto ordered a Triple, 1-pump vanilla almond milk late and McMillan ordered a sugar free Venti Green Iced Tea. They also ordered a Turkey Bacon Sandwich and an Evolution Fresh Super Green beverage.

Boldly go through the Midwest, trekkers.  

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