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The Iowa Firearms Coalion (IFC) has organized two Immediate Casualty Care classes in Iowa. These courses will teach emergency response and paent management. Recent natural disasters and tragedies remind us of the need for individuals to be ready to respond and act in the event of an emergency. As such the IFC is leveraging its extensive network of industry professionals and first responders in order to further serve the people of Iowa. 

IFC’s Immediate Casualty Care course will teach parcipants skills that can save lives in the event of auto, farm, industrial accidents or other traumac events. Students will receive Stop the Bleed training as well as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training that’s been developed specifically for U.S. military forces deployed around the world. 

From effective tourniquet use and how to stop life threatening bleeding to how to seal puncture wounds to the chest. “This is not your summer camp first aid class. These are skills you wish you’ll never need to use, but if they are needed you’ll thank God you have them,” said Kurt Liske, President of the Iowa Firearms Coalion. 

The four hour Immediate Casualty Care course will be offered on December 16th at Cedar Valley Outfitters in Marion and December 17th at CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston. The courses will be strictly related to emergency medical care and are open to all Iowans, regardless of whether or not they own or carry a firearm. 

For more, contact Kurt Liske at info@iowafc.org or call (515) 423-0391

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