World, Meet Ferry McFerryface

The people have spoken and the new name of the Sydney Ferry in Austrailia is....*drumroll*


This is what happens when you let people vote on things. Australians voted via website or using the hashtag #yourferry, and of all names, Ferry McDFerryFace was the winner!

It's safe to say the name is getting mixed reviews...

Many are critical of the name, not because it is ridiculous, but because it's not ridiculous enough! It was actually the second place winner, following Boaty McBoatface, which apparently is already taken by a submarine in the U.K. The British had a similar boat naming poll for one of their vessels, but when the name Boaty McBoatface one they chose to go with RSS Sir David Attenborough instead. They did name a small submarine Boaty McBoatface though.

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