Art fans enjoy crawling through new Des Moines exhibit

(Des Moines, Iowa)   Artists Christoph Katzler, Sven Jonka, and Nikola Radejkovic of used 25 miles of clear, packing tape to construct a suspended, hollow cocoon of sorts inside one of the galleries at the Des Moines Art Center.  Visitors can climb a few steps and enter the structure, and crawl through it.     Art Center curators say the work is especially popular with children.  There are some rules, only five people at a time and you must be at least 40 inches tall.

It's one of several pieces of art, using tape in the Des Moines Art Center's "Drawing in Space" exhibit.

Visitors first encounter artist Dave Eppley's work, with brightly colored tape, on the floor and wall of the main gallery.    The theme continues outside the building.  Students from  Des Moines Findley Elementary school worked with the artist on that project.  Artist Monika Grzymala's suspended tape creations are just inside the gallery.   Video monitors help visitors understand her process.   There's also a three-story tall creation by New York artist Heeseop Yoon, who used black tape to create a complicated image packed with all sorts of unusual details.

Des Moines Art Center Spokesperson Christine Crawford says they've had a lot of positive feedback about the exhibit, and she hopes those visiting Des Moines over the Thanksgiving holiday will check it out.   Drawing in Space will be at the Des Moines Art Center until January 21st, 2018.

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