Disney On Ice star visits with Van and Bonnie

Tatjana Zaharjeva of the Disney On Ice production of Dream Big joined us in the studio this morning. Tatjana says there's something for everyone in this year's production!  She has been skating since the age of 4 and loves to meet with young girls who are interested in being a professional skater.  You can hear everything she had to see with us this morning below.  By the way, Tatjana says if she wasn't ice skating, she would love to be a ballroom dancer! 

Jim McDonough joined us by phone this morning to talk about his Christmas Show coming to Hoyt Sherman Place on Sunday at 2:30PM.  There will be singers, dancers, an orchestra, lots of fun and lots of great music.  And, it's all for a great cause...Camp Courageous in Monticello for people with disabilities.  You can hear the entire interview below and get tickets at www.pianofavorites.com.

Van and I hope each and every one of you has a blessed Thanksgiving!  We'll hook up with you again tomorrow and you can let us know how that Black Friday shopping is going!  You are our eyes and ears, so call in or text us at 515-989-1040 and let us know what you're seeing and experiencing!


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