Mark Allen's Pictionary Episode & Round-Abouts...For or Against?

Mark Allen's family played Pictionary yesterday and you'll want to hear what happened when one of the twins (who can't read yet) looked at Emily's card.....Mark was so proud!  Also, Leila took a nap before Thanksgiving lunch at 2PM and you'll never guess what happened!  Hear it all here....

The conversation came around to round-abouts and how Van and his family feel about them.  Then Jeff weighed in and the conversation took off from there.  Check out their conversation here and how listeners feel about them as well....

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday, and if you're like me and you are having your Thanksgiving later this weekend, enjoy!!!!  Have a wonderful weekend whether you are shopping or just out enjoying the beautiful weather!  Monday on Van and Bonnie, we'll be talking about "Hams Across America".


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