"Iowa's Bachelor" tries to get charges dismissed in fatal accident

Former reality TV star Chris Soules was in court Monday morning asking a judge to throw out charges against him in a fatal crash.

Back in April, Soules called 911 saying he'd hit a tractor, causing it to flip over. The driver, 66 year old Kenneth Mosher, died at the scene.  Soules is facing felony charges of leaving a scene of the accident.

During a hearing, Soules' attorney argued that his client did CPR and called 911 reporting the accident, which was all he was required to do.  In addition he left his pickup truck at the scene for investigators.

Prosecutors contend that Soules' should have remained until the Buchanan County sheriff's deputy arrived on the scene.  At the hearing, the state contended that Soules was at the scene less than 14 minutes, saying "people in a fender-bender stay longer at the scene."

The judge gave both sides the chance to file written rebuttals in the case, which she says she'll decide later.

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